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In one of my earlier posts, we discuss about password protecting single user mode which can enhance the security of your system. But there is also a different aspect of this security patching that if you forget  the root password, you can’t even login to single user mode to change the password or to perform any other maintenance related task. So today we’ll deal with this critical situation where you can change your password even if your single user mode is password protected.

The process is quite simple. At the time of booting press any key to edit the grub menu. Select the operating system and press e. Now go to the kernel line and press e again. It’s time to change some kernel parameters. So write init=/bin/bash and press enter to come out of this. Now press b to boot.So what we have actually done is to tell kernel that instead of starting normal inittab file just give me a simple bash shell.Now you’ll get a bash shell.
hacking password protected single user mode in Linux The process from this point of time is as following where we need to issue some commands-

  • First of mount the / partition in read-write mode. So issue mount -o remount, rw / command.
  • Now change the password using passwd command.
  • Again remount the / partition in read only mode by using mount -o remount, ro / command.

Now just restart the machine and you’ve successfully changed your root account password. I think that you’ll love this small hack. Enjoy!!!


Installing Fedena On Windows7

Good morning everyone. Today we’ll discuss a cool open source cross-platform school management software called Fedena and will learn to install it on Windows7. Fedena enables you to centralize all the activities related to a school like admission,attendance,time-table,finance,hostel,library,human resource and examination system. Using this you can create a better and organized way to maintain and monitor all the aspects of managing a school.

So let’s start the installation process of Fedena on Windows7 machine.

  • It’s based on Ruby on Rails, so you’ll have to install ruby on your system which you can download from here.
  • Click on Start Command Prompt with Ruby and issue gem install bundler –remote command.
  • Issue gem install win32-open3 command.
  • Install MySQL. You can get the required MySQL package from this link.
  • Copy C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\bin\libmySQL to C:\Ruby187\bin and restart the MySQL service.
  • Download Fedena from this link and extract it. I have extracted it to C drive. Now you’ll get a directory called release.
  • Issue cd c:\release command to go to the Fedena source directory.
  • Issue bundle install –local command.
  • Open C:\release\config\database and under the development line, just update your MySQL username and password.
  • Issue  bundle exec rake db:create command to create the database.
  • Issue command bundle exec rake db:migrate to populate the database with data.
  • Issue bundle exec mongrel_rails start command to start the mongrel server.
  • Open your browser and go to Here you will see the login screen of Fedena.

Fedena school management software on Windows7

Now you can login with the username admin and password admin123 to explore Fedena. If you don’t want to go through this hectic process, then it’s not a problem at all as you can explore Fedena at So explore this cool tool and have fun with it.

Good morning guys. This time I have come with a very interesting and creative post. Actually this is not a tutorial at all. Instead I will love to share my first flash game with you people. Remember my previous posts about the cool tool StencylWorks to create flash games.I have used that tool and some tutorials from their site to create this game. You can play this game on this link.
My First Flash Game- Pussy Hunt

The game is still in its beta version as I am testing it. So I think you can help me in this regard. Just play this game on from the link I have mentioned above and if you find any bug or have a suggestion to improve it then feel free to leave a comment here and I will consider your suggestions. In the meantime you can also use Stencyl to create your own games.

Have a nice day.