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Tab Napping-LIVE

Now a days tabbed browsing is a de facto in the browsers and we simply love that. Now we don’t need to open a new window each time we want to open a new website. But as we know that every thing has its own pros and cons and this concept too has its own. So if you use tabs for browsing internet and leave your gmail or facebook account open in a tab while surfing other sites then you must know what the hell is Tab Napping. It is the concept used by malicious hackers to change the URL of the inactive tabsĀ  so that when you come back to that tab it is not your genuine gmail or facebook tab. It is just a simple phishing attack serving you the wrong URL.


I know that visualization is a better approach to learn that’s why I am sharing a good link where you can watch this concept live. So visit and check yourself. Enjoy!

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Download Via Proxy

Hi friends! Well I am back again with another yorker this time. There are a lot of restrictions on Internet sites in our college and one of the victim is While there are a number of proxy sites which allow you to access blocked websites there are not many proxy providers which allows you to download data. Well every problem has its solution only if you know the right way. So the ultimate solution to this problem is-

  • Visit
  • You will see a notification of untrusted
  • Click on I Understand the risks and add a security exception in the next screen.
  • Now you reach the main screen. Enter site’s URL you want to visit.Enter the URL

Aha! Finally we got it. So happy browsing and downloading guys.

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As all of you know that every computer has a MAC address which is known as its physical address. In hacking activities we often change our IP address and MAC address. There are lots of software in order to change the MAC address. But here is a trick to change it without any software. So let’s begin the process-

  • Open the Wireless Network Connection Status screen and click on Properties tab.

Initial screen

  • Now click on Configure tab.

Now select Configure

  • Now click on the Advanced tab.
  • Now select Locally Administered MAC Address under the Property.

Now change the MAC

  • Now enter the new value for the MAC address. This is your new MAC address. You can verify it by invoking the command prompt and typing ipconfig /all.

So we have change our MAC address. Wasn’t it easy?

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