This time I am back with a topic  that I can bet most of you are not aware of just because who cares for such trifles. Sorry guys but I care for this. So what’s it? Don’t ask me again just see the title now let me define what the hell is this. You know that we are assigned an IP address through a DHCP server when we use Wi-Fi in our college. But what happens when we fail to get an IP address?

This happens when we try to connect to an access point but we get Limited or No Connectivity. Aha! Now comes what we call APIPA. APIPA handles such situation and you are assigned a specific IP address automatically. This is in the range of to Ofcourse you can check it if you don’t believe me. No problem. So how can we get rid of this notorious IP. We’ll see it through command prompt-

  • Open your command prompt.
  • type ipconfig/all to check whether you have this IP.
  • Now to renew it type ipconfig/release. This will release that IP.
  • Now to request a new IP type ipconfig/renew.

And that’s it friends. Don’t you recall the term CHHOTI CHHOTI LEKIN MOTI BAATE.


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