I have a large collection of  CD and DVD and I know that you guys too. Often some of them get damaged or corrupted due to mishandling etc. The situation becomes crucial if it contains some important data or software and we badly want that data back. But you simply get annoyed because your laptop is not able to recover that data. So what next?

Chill guys and problem is not too big and specially not when I am here with you. Visit http://www.recoverytoolbox.com/cd.html. They provide a free tool called CD Recovery Toolbox which recovers data from damaged CDs. I tried this software when I was in need of my Visual Basic6 setup and my CD was in poor form. But thanks to this amazing application to let me get it back. It took nearly 2 hours to recover data as the CD was totally damaged but it did it. So its happy time now. You won’t use this often but sometimes tricks like it come handy. So don’t you think that I deserve a bit of cheers.

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