In order to hide a particular drive on your computer you can use the old geek called Command Prompt in Windows. All you need to do is-

  • Open your command prompt.
  • Type diskpart and hit enter.
  • Now give the command-list volume. This will show all the drives in youe computer.
  • Now select the drive you want to hide. To do so type-select volume 2 .Here 2 is the volume number of the drive to be hidden.  I used 2 in order to select D: drive in my computer.
  • Now to hide it issue the command-remove letter D:. Here D represent the volume to be hidden. Of course you can choose any other drive too.
  • Now restart the system and you’ll see the result.
  • In order to make that drive visible again follow the same procedure but instead of command remove letter d: use assign letter d: command.

And that’s it-simple and handy.

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