In our day to day life we carry several ID cards like College ID Voter ID Driving License PAN Card etc. etc. Ah! Just get lost I don’t want to carry them or simply can’t handle them.Won’t it be easy if we have just one ID that works in all conditions. Don’t mistake me as I am not talking about the UID project of Indian Government.

What I am talking about is Barcode. Ya the same very barcode we see everyday on products and what to say else even our college ID has a barcode which our librarians scan every time you go to them to get a book issued on your behalf. Now I want a barcode which can identify me.

It is so simple. Just say KHUL JA SIM SIM. No guys this won’t work here. But will do the trick for you. Just visit this site and from the left panel they offer choose Net Art. Now you will see a link Barcode Yourself.

get your barcode at

Here is my barcode get yours.

get your barcode at

Just Imagine our Dean or Proctor standing at the Academics Entrance with a Barcode Scanner. I think I should shut my mouth now.

I hope you are not serious as it is just for fun but who knows it may act as an inspiration to some one.

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