Social Engineering has become a new and powerful weapon in hacking arena and sites like facebook are happy hunting ground for them. Bots and spammers play a major role in all this context. So it becomes necessary to avoid them from our facebook account .

To get this done we need a kind of firewall which may act as a shield between us and spammers.We are aware of firewalls but firewall for facebook to stop spammers? Sounds a bit odd but that’s not too odd. Like we have firewalls for our computer we can deploy a firewall for our facebbok account too. is one such service provider. Defensio detects spam, as well as malware, malicious content and unwanted URLs and provides a complete security on your facebook profile.

Facebook firewall at defensio.comDefensio was originally developed by Karabunga Inc and is now part of the Websense family. which is an epitome of Web Security. So what are you waiting for-just get it now and secure your facebook account from spammers and malicious contents.

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