It’s not easy to say whether technology changes our needs or our needs change the technology because both of them are true in different context. But here I am going to talk about a significant change in technology due to our growing needs.

Accessing email while you are connected to internet is an age-old concept. Now what to say if we can access those mails while we are offline. Ya! That’s the point to be touched.

Google has come up with another amazing concept known as Google Gears which allows to store websites in your computer if they support offline viewing. Gmail is one such website which allows you to store all the emails on your system for offline viewing. All you need to do is-

  • Just log in to your Gmail account and select Offline tab.
  • Now select Enable Offline Mail for this computer.Save this setting.
  • Now you’ll be asked to install Gears. Just do it.
  • Once the Gears is installed it will start downloading your mails. So wait a while till the process completes.

After the action is complete you can access your even with no internet connectivity. When you will log in to your Gmail account Gears will automatically synchronize this cache with your mail box so that you can access all your mails easily.

offline Gmail This is what the screen will look like when you open it in offline mode. Just enter your email address and get all the mails. Sounds good.

You can install Gears from here. Once you have installed it you can access settings for gears by Tools menu of your browser.

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