Please excuse me for borrowing this 2 minute punch line but I am not going to tell you the recipe of Maggi. Still you will find these 2 minutes worth loving as we are going to do something more interesting.
Passwords are good when it comes to our protection. But when I see password in my friends’ laptop it seems that they are making a mock of me. Come on! Come on! Fight with me.I won’t let you enter. But as we know “Necessity is the mother of invention”. So I also found a panacea against those damn password.Ah! The most interesting part is that all you need is a few clicks and the most important thing-2 minutes.
So how we are going to do this? Don’t worry. That’s why I am here. Do as I say-
Download pcloginnow from here. Burn the iso file in a cd. Now you have a bootable cd. Now boot from this cd to get pcloginnow started. You will be greeted by a message PC Login Now! is ready to start. Please click NEXT to start. Now you know what to do.

Now you will be asked to select the system. Select an operating system.
Pcloginnow screen for selecting OS

You will see a list of user accounts on that system. Select the user account to be broken.
User account selection screen
Now check the ‘is password empty’ check box. It will clear the password for that account.
Now the system will reboot and now you can log into that account without any password.

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