Comics are fun undoubtedly and what to talk about kiddies and teens even we guys have a lot of craze for them. Most of us grew up with the heroes like Batman Superman Chacha Chaudhry and so on. But have you ever thought to create your own comic or character. Don’t say that you are not a graphic designer as you needn’t to be one to do that task. There is some sort of solution or other to make your life a bit easier. The only thing that matters is whether you know it or not.

So what’s next. It’s nothing but a click on this link which will take you to Just create an account there and you are most welcome in the world of creative aspect of comics. Look what I have created there-it’s a comical representation of my previous article. Here Mr. Obama finds himself helpless with Osama’s password and how a techy helps him in that situation.



Just click on these links and check them out. It’s show time guys!

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