What’s the general way to protect something from malicious use? Passwords-no doubt. But what if we want to protect an email. No email provider provides this facility to protect an email with a password. Sometimes we may need to send a mail intended for a specific person and don’t want others to read it in case of account hacking or something. So how can we achieve this?

As I always say that there is a solution for every problem and this problem too. What if our email provider don’t provides this still we can do it.And the ultimate solution for this problem is Lockbin.com. They provide this service without any cost. You can compose a message like usual and can attach files too.Then you set the password and this password is necessary to read that email.Ultimate security.
Encrypted Email by lockbin.com
The most amazing feature that fantasizes me is that they use https which is an extra advantage in security terms. When a free service can provide such kind of facility I think sites like facebook which doesn’t bother about security must learn something from them.