Actually I was not keen to write this post at this time but I will tell you what is the reason to write this so late at night.

Laptop is the most valuable property for me and you as it contains a lots of our data and programs. So its security is quite crucial from accidental loss or theft. There may be a lots of solution for it but what I am going to talk about is a simple firefox add-on that is freely available. provides a free Firefox add-on that you can install and track your laptop . You can set a distance in its option and very time your computer’s location changes beyond that limit FireFound sends a secure message to a central server with its current location.

Track your laptop

You will receive a notification via E-mail stating your current location in case it records violation of that limit. There are some more cool features they provide but they are for premium users. You can check them on their website.

Now I come to beginning point of my post. I have installed this add-on on my laptop. Last night at 11:30 I got an E-mail from them stating that the last location of my laptop was recorded in Beijing. So what the hell I am doing there.

Actually I was not there. The case is very simple yet full of complexity. Being a security passionate guy I do a lot of search and testing of security and ethical hacking related matters. Once I got a software called Facebook Freezer which claims to freeze access to a Facebook account. But it’s a fake software and actually it installs a backdoor on your system. Same thing happened here. After reading that mail I checked my process manager and there I got this annoying process.

So what it did for me-it helped me in figuring a backdoor on my system out. So you get one more lesson from this post that never believe on these fake freezers and lock out software. They are totally baseless and deceitful. So guys! Do check this website and get this add-on.

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