Spelling Checking is an important and integrated part of any word processor. But there are many applications which don’t provide this handy feature. This doesn’t mean that we won’t need this feature in those application. One good example is notepad. This is a tiny word processor which doesn’t provide much functionality but still proves useful in some situation. So how can we get spell check facility in all those applications.

Tinyspell is the answer to all your woes regarding this context. It is a small but useful utility that can perform spell check operation on any windows application. You can get this utility from here . Once installed you will see an icon in the status bar of Windows. Now you can enjoy spell check on any application installed under windows. When you enter a wrongly spelled word it will show you right after you typed it.Now clicking on it will show the options suggested by tinyspell.

tinyspell spelling checker It is not limited to notepad only. As I said that it works with every windows application whether it is your browser or something else.TinySpell also monitors the clipboard for any spell checks on the text you copy there. So what I would like to say now-Get ready for the test drive.

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