Don’t think that I have gone crazy just because I am asking to put your passwords in your wallet. Ya I know that writing passwords on a paper and have this paper in your wallet is not a good idea. But wait a bit I have a better idea.

We have to enter passwords everywhere-from our system to our facebook account. It is suggested to use a combination of random words as a password and it should be complex too. But it is easy to say to have complex passwords but they are difficult to remember. Also we have an intention to use the same password for many situations just because it is difficult to remember all the passwords.

So now we need an optimal solution for that and thankfully we have one. Now the solution is Password Card.This is an innovative mechanism provided by which helps you in having complex and strong passwords and frees you from remembering them too.

Password card A password card is same as a credit card. They provide you a card number and in case your wallet is lost you can regenerate your card easily. For more details you can visit their website but one thing I am sure about is that another card is waiting to get a corner in your wallet. So check it out now.

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