Trains:Reservation:PNR:Waiting List can’t be some kind of odd wordings unless your uncle owns an Airline company. And I think that you are familiar with waiting lists too unless your uncle is a booking clerk in Railways. Ah! So leave the uncles and let’s talk straight-me and you.

So you can blame the population of our country or shortage of trains but that’s the reality that you can’t always get a seat confirmed specially when you need to travel on a short notice. So you get a waiting and hope to see your seat confirmed. What’s next from here?

The next is your PNR number which you check to see your current status. But what if your PNR number itself tells its status. So let’s stop talking to and fro and come to the point.

your pnr status on your mobile is the ultimate solution to all your problems in this context. You submit your PNR number to them and they give you its status updates. The good part of their service is that it’s totally free. You can submit your PNR number either online or using your mobile. They also update you with your train timings in case there is some changes or delay.

Visit their site for more information or queries and next time you get a waiting list I am sure that you’ll love to use this service.

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