Denial of Service attack is a common and most widely used threat against the Web World. During the recent controversial drama of Wikileaks the so called Hactivists used this fluently against Visa and Mastercard etc.

Anyone who has a bit of interest in cyber security knows that it is an attempt to make a computer resource unavailable to its intended users. Here the attacker makes the resources temporarily unavailable or slows down the process by consuming bandwidth.

Well guys those days have gone when you need to be a sound programmer to be an elite hacker. Today even Script Kiddies can do such activities with tons of free software available on internet and here we are going to demonstrate how easy it is to perform a  DoS attack.

Low Orbit Ion Canon is the tool we will use and you can find it easily using Google. I like the lines written on its screen- When harpoons, air strikes and nukes fails because it clearly shows that DoS attack is the last weapon in hackers’ arsenal.

Dos Attack using LOIC Download the program and start it and you’ll be asked to enter the address of the victim. Enter that address and press Lock on button. Now you’ve selected the target. Now just click on the big button to launch the big attack. Simple!

You can’t take down a website at your own but this tool can become fierce if several systems are used against a web server in order to create a Distributed Dos attack. System Administrators can use this to perform Stress Testing against their systems. So friends-Explore more and learn more.

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