We don’t bother about anything until we really need to bother. Internet for the hackers is just like Somalia for the pirates. But we don’t bother much about it because nothing bad has happened to us so far. Ah! We are waiting for something to happen and then we’ll wake up. It’s OK. Let them wait but the people who don’t want to wait-go ahead and read the next few lines.

Session Hijacking is an attack where a guy with some bad intentions plays with your account and you don’t even realize it. This is possible because it is easy to sniff your session cookies and other data over a network. The situation becomes worse if you’re using an unsecured wired or wireless network. So what to do? Any idea?

To resolve this problem and make data flow over internet secure Https is introduced which provides better security prospects than the traditional Http. You can have a secure connection using a Firefox Add-on Https-Everywhere. Get it from here and install it. Once you do that it will take care of your internet connectivity and if the site provides this facility it will automatically establish a secure https connection. So grab it now and be secured from any kind of mischief.

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