Viruses are just like an unwanted guest whom you’ll like to avoid but they are so shameless that they’ll enter your system even without your permission. And once they got an entry I am sure that they are going to make your life just like a hell.

So if you’re on the opposite side of luck and your system has become unstable or unbootable then you’ll recall the good old Safe Mode which loads only basic system services. But the privilege of installing/uninstalling an application is what this safe mode doesn’t offers which may help us in troubleshooting the problem. So if you want to install your favorite Anti-Virus software then I am sorry-you can’t do it here.

Now when I have told you the problem then it is my duty to tell you the solution too as I can’t leave you in a lurch. So my friends close your eyes for a while because when you’ll open your eyes then I’ll tell you that SafeMSI is the solution for this problem. It is a small utility that you can get from here. So run this executable file and it will show a message-Windows Installer Service Has Been Enabled. Now next time you’ll boot in safe mode you can install any software.

I have tested this on Windows7 and it’s working nicely. So if you get a problem with it do tell me but I’d recommend to meet an astrologer as it seems that your stars are not favoring you.

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