I think that you’re lucky enough not to face this situation but what if your computer is in a mess because of that annoying virus or something else. The first thing that a virus does is to block access to Task Manager Command Prompt and Registry Editor making us a dumb fool.

So we are planning of a rescue operation but all our weapons are blocked. Now what’s the next step? Actually it’s too simple and we are going to do some kind of Quick Fixing. And for this we need a tool called Quick Fix which you can easily get from here.

This is a small utility which comes handy in such trifles. You don’t even need to install it. Just start it and you’ll see the options provided by it.
Quick Fixing your common windows problem Here you’ll find a bunch of options but the most important are Enable Command Prompt Task Manager and Registry Editor. All you need to do is to select an appropriate option and click it and it’s done. So next time whenever you find yourself in a war with the nasty viruses be equipped with this missile and together we’ll win all the battles easily.

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