Once again I am back with the word I love most-Security. Often we send/receive files and would like a secure transmission that doesn’t allow someone to alter it during the midway of transmission. To ensure this we use the concept of hashes. You often see on torrent sites that they provide a hash for a particular file which ensures data integrity. You check the given hashes in order to ensure that the file is authenticated.

Now we will explore this process of hash creation and trust me it’s so simple. For this I got a tool called HashSlash. Now if I can get it then you can also get it as it is not my sole property. Just visit this link and you will get this tool in a single click.

So when you have this tool at your disposal then let’s start its enumeration. So just start it by a simple click and select the file for which we’ll compute the hash. Here we’ve selected to generate MD5 SHA1 and CRC32 hashes for the file.
Computing hashes for a file
Now click on Compute button to get your hashes.
Generate MD5 SHA1 and CRC32 hashes for any file

Now you’ve your hashes which you can share with the receiver side which they can check to ensure that they’ve the right file delivered. Simple and useful!

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