Tonight I am going to demonstrate an example of hiding data inside a file which is known as steganography. Don’t panic as I am not going to talk about the common command prompt trick. This is something better and exciting. So stay connected.

I got an interesting tool called Invisible Secrets and it forced me to share it with you. This is a worth watching tool capable of performing data hiding and encrypting. Here I will show the data hiding process. Before we start get this tool from here.

Hiding data using Invisible SecretsNow install this application and start it. You will see a screen like that. Now select the Hide Files option provided by it.

Now you’ll be asked to select te files you want to hide inside a file. Select the desired one.
Hiding data using Invisible Secrets
Now select the file which will contain this file. This is the file you’ll use to hide the first file.
Hiding data using Invisible Secrets In the next step you’ll be asked to provide a password which will be required to access the data. Finally you’ll save the newly created file.

Now to unhide data from this file you’ll select Unhide Files option provided by the tool. select the file which you created and saved just a moment ago. Now you’ll be asked to enter the password and you’ll get all your hidden data.

In the example I hide a mp4 file inside a jpg file and save the output file as jpg. Now it looks and behaves like a normal jpg file but when you open it using this tool you will find that it contains a mp4 file too inside it.

So how cool it would be if I put my divorce related documents inside my wedding photographs. Bad joke! Not actually because I don’t have a wife to get divorced from. You have? Then you can use it. But I’ll urge you to please please check this awesome app and its cool features.

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