Internet Censorship has become a normal phenomenon in our Cyber Life and we may face it in many forms-from local ban on sites to Government restrictions. If you want to take a look on this issue you may visit this page and you will see the real picture of Internet Censorship.

Now we come back to our topic. There are a lot of ways to bypass these restriction and the options varies from proxy sites to VPNs. But here we have a different solution-converting any web page to PDF. So when you can’t access a web page normally you can view it as a PDF page. is a site that takes a URL and convert it into a PDF which you van download and share. In our college Yahoo Cricket is banned by our System Administrator and I have created a web page for one of the story in Yahoo Cricket. To view that document click here.

They also provide free online service to convert PDF to Word Word to pDF and PDF to Excel conversion. So visit that site and check these features at your own.

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