When it comes to computer gaming all we visualize a scene full of graphics and stunning scenes. Everybody loves these giants but there are also some dwarfs in the arena which make a great impact and display some great work of imagination.

Here I am going to demonstrate two great games which are totally different in concept. HTML5 is the latest buzz on Internet and these two games clearly show the power of HTML5.The first one is Sinuous which is the winner of 10K Apart contest. The size of this game is just 6.9 kilobytes. Amazing! You can check and play this game by visiting this link and I have also set a target for you. Go ahead play the game and break my score of 2816. It’s an open challenge.

Now what if I say that we are going to play a game in your browser’s address bar. Ya it’s true. Your address bar is our playground now as we are all set to play URL Hunter. Get this game here and see a completely new aspect of your address bar.

So check these links play those games and feel the combined power of code and imagination and do remember on thing-my challenge:2816.

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