Passwords are everywhere and it’s a common tendency to choose just a so so type of password without bothering much about its strength. That’s quite understandable because it’s tough to remember so many passwords.That’s why we normally use the same password everywhere and they are also easy to remember.

And now it’s time for some crooks to get their entry in the scene. Password hacking/breaking is some what these guys love a lot and we have made their job easier by choosing a lame password. Such passwords are easy to break using brute force approach.

Internet is such a large ocean of information that even wandering aimlessly you’ll find a number of islands where you’ll love to stay for a while. I am saying that because I found such an island where you can check the strength of your passwords.

Check the strength of your password Just visit this site and you’ll see a clean interface where you enter a password and it tells you the time which is required by a normal computer to break it using brute forcing.

With the superb increment in the computing power it has become easier to implement this approach of password breaking and modern techniques use even the power of your graphics card to do that. Even a good dictionary can be used to implement a successful dictionary attack. So the ultimate security is to choose a complicated and strong password which can drag you away from the nightmares.

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