Writing is not an easy job and the people who owns a website or blog know this fact in a better way. It takes a lot of efforts in writing a post or an article and it involves gathering contents and analyze them. Then we may need to test them before transforming it into an easy to understand article and then only it’s published.

That’s about the harder side of the job. Now we come to the other side of the job which is a lot simpler and this is content copying. No one will allow to get his contents copied without any credit but a number of people do this.

So how can we avoid it? There may be a bunch of options available in this context but what I found interesting is a service provided by ink.nmfe.co. You can use this application either in a stand alone format or as a WordPress plugin. It’s quite easy to use and requires no setup at all.

Now the question is how this is going to help us in protecting our content. Every time a user copies your content this service automatically adds a credit back to your site. You can also customize it according to your needs. It’s a free service but you can go to premium option if you don’t want ads to be displayed.

So we just do a lot of hard work to produce some great piece of information for our readers and services like this take the burden of protecting them. Now it’s time to visit that site and take a look at their features and of course-a click on the download button

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