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Secure Your Laptop

Laptops are no more a luxury item but they have become a necessity and for the guys like me who are directly associated with¬† Computer Engineering field they are like our bread and butter. So how do you feel if someone takes away your piece of bread from you. You won’t like it definitely and that’s why we are here to tell you something about how to protect your bread- Oh sorry! Laptop.

So just visit prey project site and download their application. This application is available for Windows Mac and Linux platforms so it doesn’t matter what platform you use. Now all you need is to install it and during installation process you’ll make a new account. So give your details and your account will be created and after activation you can log in to your account and check information regarding your laptop.

Track Your Laptop For Better Security The free plan allows you to register maximum 3 devices and there is also premium plans ranging from 5$ to 399$ per month but for the personal use this free plan is enough for us. So just install this application and register an account and now your laptop is under monitoring. So congrats as your bread is now secure. Enjoy!


Open Any File With A Single Tool

Tonight we will explore a sound example of Multi-Tasking. Being a Computer Science student this is quite usual term for me and for you guys too. So let’s investigate this probably one of the most common word in modern computing era. The concept is same but the application area is a bit different. Let’s start.

There are various file format in Windows operating system and to deal with them you need specific tools. For example to open a zip file you need tools like WinZip and to open mp3 files you need to install a music player. Ah! I need a bunch of tool just to open my files. Now what can Multi Tasking do here. Nothing much but it can definitely provide us a single tool to open all the files we usually use in our day-to-day computing life.

So where can I find this magical tool? Of course in the Magic Land of Internet and this time this so-called Magic Land is So visit this site and download the software called Free Opener. Now install it and start it to give it a look.

Open Any File With A Single Tool

You can open all files you generally use like Microsoft Office documents PDF files Archive files Media files Code files-almost anything. So just get it and use it and forget to install a bundle of tools to open your files. Enjoy!

So the first phase of my exams is over and now I can relax a bit.¬† So won’t it be good if we spend some quality time here and this time I am with a real stunner. Believe me or not but within the next 15 minutes you’ll be asking yourself- Really! Is it possible? And you know guys that the answer would be YES because transforming every NO to YES is what technology is.

Why to waste time and my precious words-let’s come to the point. So just switch to CamSpace site and download the free utility they provide and one more point -Don’t forget to say thanks to them. Also give some time surfing through their site to get a brief overview about this application.

A New Way To Use Your Webcam

So far you would have wondering that I haven’t told what this damn application is going to do. So for any query just look at the picture and read it out. Confused? My friends this is so simple-you can use any object as your game controller-anything substantial and colorful-Even a bottle. All you need is this awesome utility and a WebCam. Thrilling!! Using a bottle as a mouse. But that’s exactly what I said earlier regarding technology. So don’t waste time and install this application and investigate it.

I was so excited about this that as soon as I heard about it I was forced to share it with you people. It may be a bit typical to use initially but once the things are settled properly it will be an exciting experience. In case you face any sort of problem you know whom to call—you know I know..