A hotspot offers Internet access over a Wireless LAN by using a router connected an Internet Service Provider. Hotspots typically use Wi-Fi technology which is mostly used in Institutes and Organizations. For example in our college there are a number of hotspots provided to use the Wi-Fi facility like SRMSCET 13 or 15 etc. Here I am going to tell you how you can make your own laptop acting like a hotspot in order to extend net connectivity.

The procedure is quite simple because even I hate complexity. So first of all download this free utility called Connectify which will do the job for us. Now install it as our action packed scene is just going to start. So time to get into the work.

make your laptop a wi-fi hotspot This is the initial screen and from here within a minute we’ll have a wi-fi hotspot created.  So click on the next button to get started and give a name to your hotspot. Next you will enter a password which is required to be entered by your clients when they try to connect to this hotspot. Next option is Shared Connection and here we’ll have to choose Wireless Network Connection. We can also set it to LAN in case we are using LAN instead of Wi-Fi. And that’s all. We are done with our job in few clicks.

make your laptop a wi-fi hotspot This is the screen-shot in which you can see the hotspot created by me. I have named it as Connectify-me and tested it by asking my friend to connect on it. As you can see it also shows the client history where you can  find who are connected to that hotspot. So now I am connected to a hotspot named SRMSCET 15 in my college and my friend is now connected to the hotspot created by me. So he is also using SRMSCET 15. Now it’s must for me to connect to Wi-Fi as my friend is now sharing my connection. So once I am disconnected from the Wi-Fi he can’t access the Internet.

It will definitely slow down the speed because time needed to process data has been increased because traffic will be passed to the original router through my laptop. But this tool can come handy in situation when you have a good dedicated broadband LAN connection and want to extend it so that you can use it in another room. So now it depends upon how you are going to use it. Anyway  I am sure that you have enjoyed reading this post. So stay connected because 4 BJ GYE PR PARTY ABHI BAKI HAI. Actually it is still more than half an hour to be 4 a.m So I can relax a bit now.