Live CDs are quite useful when we just want to have a trial of an Operating System before we actually decide to install it. So far we have seen a number of Linux distros running through Live CD like Ubuntu PCLinuxOS and many more. Now if u know me then you already know that I always have the simplest things in a different way. So what if I tell you how to run any Windows version through a Live CD. So just be cool as this post will also help you in Computer Forensic and Troubleshooting.

Again you know that I simply love softwares that make our life a bit easy-both personal and as a professional. So here again be ready for the task we are expert in-Downloading. Ya that’s what we are just going to do but no movie no game and no torrent too. It’s a simple tool called Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. You can get that from here. Now just install it and keep your original Windows CD at your hands because we will need it to create a Live CD.

Windows Live CDSo just put your Windows CD and start this application. You will see this screen and here you’ll be asked to provide a Source Path to your Windows files. So point out the CD location and that’s all you need to create a Live CD. Just click the Build button and your ISO file will be created to the specified location. Now you can burn this ISO file and your live CD is ready to be explored. It has a lots of custom tools which can be useful in troubleshooting your computer.It includes Anti-Spyware Tools AntiVirus Tools Disk Tools File Recovery Tools Password and Registry tools. You can have a complete list of available tools here. Just go through it you will be glad to see such a complete troubleshooter at your disposal which you can use to a wide range of operations from data wiping to data recovery and from password editing to remote desktop controlling and so on. So won’t you like to check it. I know that you’ll.