Secure Shell(SSH) is a network protocol allowing data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two connected devices. It is widely used to keep our unencrypted data safe during the transmission process. TCP port 22 is used on your machine for providing an SSH connection to you. Now the main task is to get a server to which we can get connected and establish a secure data flow connection. And that’s why I am here so late at night because I want to see a sweet smile on your face when you get up in the morning-when I’ll be sleeping.

So get ready as I’ll provide you not one not two but three good SSH servers addresses. Actually I will provide you the good cool site and they will provide you those three servers. So what’s the site? Ah! Should I tell you that is the site name where you can get it. Now when you know it then check them. They provide you three live servers which you can get connected to and enjoy. But the problem is half-solved now because we still need to do some sort of configuration in order to get this done and thankfully they solve this problem too.

Get an SSH connection for secure data transmissionThey have provide a link to download a tool called MyENTunnel which means My Encrypted Tunnel.This tool saves us from the headache of configuring all settings manually using Putty. All you need to enter the IP and password of SSH server which you will get from this site. That’s all you need to do. So you can click on Connectbutton and our tunnel is ready to be used. So just check that site and stay connected because I’ll be back again.