We have seen a number of operating systems running on your computers and laptops varying from Windows to Linux and Mac etc. So what’s so special about it that I am going to talk about. Wait a bit and you’ll see it. The special point about this operating system is that it has turned the table completely. So far you’ve seen a browser running on an Operating System. But now you’ll see an operating system running on a browser. Ya! That’s the cool thing and you’ll find it a great fun. Although this operating system is not as powerful as Windows and other OS but still this light-weight Operating System is a nice thought.

And again as you know that I solve most of my problems either using Softwares or using Websites. This time I have decided to choose the later one-Website. For this we are going to visit Silveos.com . This site will do all the tricks for us. You’ll need to install Microsoft Silverlight before you can use this application.

Running an operating system in browserAs I said that this can’t compete with traditional OS but still it’s good to see a bit of different and innovative thinking. This OS provides you these facilities-
File Explorer
Internet Browser
Twitter and Youtube client
Media Player

You can also install programs that are in Silverlight XAP format. In Windows you have exe files and here you have XAP files. So visit that site and feel a new kind of OS. I am sure once you check it out you’ll say- What An IDEA!