Crazy Taxi HackingVariety is the spice of Life-I have read this in my school days and now I am going to use this funda in my blog. This time no more tech stuffs as I am not a Geek. So instead of boring you let’s have some fun together and according to me Facebook is the best FUN ZONE in the World of Internet. So why we don’t try our hands on it? Exactly we are just going to do that baby.

There are lots and lots of Apps and Games in FaceBook and one of them is Crazy Taxi. Personally this is my favorite time pass but I am shocked to see that people have scored more than 900000 while I could score just around 67000. I spent a whole night with it and then I found the trick which all these folks were using and now it’s your time to be familiar with it.

So be ready for downloading something and it’s a Cheat Engine that you can find here. Now let’s start Internet Explorer because it’s quite good to give a memory injection. Initially I thought that trick will work on older versions of IE but I was surprised to see that even IE8 allows us to do that. Anyway let’s install this cheat engine and start it.

So now stop waiting for next instructions and login to your FaceBook account and start Crazy Taxi game. It’s a matter of common sense guys! We are going to hack Crazy Taxi then it’s obvious to start it first. Anyway be smarter next time. Now go back to the Cheat Engine Window and there you will see an icon of computer on top-just below the File Menu. Click it and select the IE process.Cheat Engine

Now play Crazy Taxi game for the first time and deliberately lose it.Don’t worry that’s the rule of the life- In order to get something you’ll have to lose something. Now when you’ve lost it go back to Cheat Engine window and check on the Enable Speedhack checkbox and give it a value. Now play that game again and continuously press the Up Arrow button and you’ll see your score rocketing.I have successfully try this and was able to score 114900 points and got a ranking of 96. So go ahead and have a test drive now. By the way this is the first time that some one is asking you to test drive a TAXI. Am i right?