URL MaskingHey guys what’s up! My bad time has started-the exam time but still I will try to be consistent with my blog and that’s why I am here. So let’s start our exploration. Now the question is what I have for you people for today’s evening. And the answer is MASK. Don’t get me wrong as we are not going to play Hide and Seek. We are here to discuss URL Masking.

We all are aware of Phishing and URL shortening where a hacker hosts a fake login-page and create a short URL to fool the victims. But people are getting smarter and smarter and that’s why we’ll have to more smart if we we want to get them under our belt. So we use this new concept called URL masking where we hide an URL under another URL. Recently I got an interesting site dot.tk which provide us the facility to do this.

Suppose we have created a fake login page and host them on free hosting sites like 110Mb.com then the victim will find our URL suspicious. So visit www.dot.tk and you’ll get a simple interface where you need to enter your URL and they will create another URL with .tk extension like viny.tk. Now we have a better looking URL which we can send to our victims and they’ll find it more reliable.

So guys it’s worth mentioning that often we don’t know or miss some small points and they cause us a great headache. So as I said that people are getting smarter and smarter and we need to be a step ahead. So friends that was a small point that we discussed today-URL masking but under some circumstances it can come handy. So get it and wait for me till I come back.Bye!!!!!!