Portable application are rapidly gaining popularity among the computer lovers. They give us a lot of flexibility because we can carry our favorite applications along with us. They also come handy during operating system crash when we need to install all the applications again.There are a number of portable applications available on the net but they are not enough to meet our needs. So why shouldn’t we try to make our own portable applications?

Now you must be thinking what the hell I am talking about. Building our own portable applications-Have I gone mad? I am talking like it’s a child play. OK guys! Stop doubting on my IQ and believe me or not-it’s really a child’s play. Guys when you are with me there can’t be any tension as I am a fun-loving guy. So just stay with me and watch the action with nude eyes.

Let’s start the work. So please download a cool software Cameyo Application Virtualization from this link and install it. Now the first phase is completed so let’s proceed.

Make your own portable applicationNow just start the application and you will see the screen like this. Now click on Capture Installation button. Now be patient as it will take some time to get the snapshot of your system.

Once this process is completed you’ll get the instruction to install the software whose portable version you want to create. So just install the desired software and when it’s finished click on the Install Done button. Now it will again take the snapshot of your system. So be patient till the process completes.

That’s all you need to do guys and our portable application is ready. But where it is? Chill guys and just see your Documents folder and there you’ll see a folder named Cameyo Packages. Open it and you’ll see a your portable installer ready. Wow! It’s cool. Now you can carry that portable software anywhere. Now I can bet that you’ve enjoyed this post. So now I’d leave but be back again with another show stopper.