Among the growing security threats botnets are the worst one. A botnet is a collection of infected computers known as bots that have been hijacked by hackers and are used to perform activities like spamming or launching a Distributed Denial of Service attack. If you’ll search for botnet over internet you’ll find a lot of shocking facts and figures. That’ the reason why Symantec has pointed out Botnets as the biggest threat to online community.

Now those who have visited my blog earlier know that I believe in complete solution of the problem and for the newcomers let me explain that this is exactly what I am going to do now. So let’s start this campaign against these notorious botnets.

My regular readers can easily predict what I’ll ask to do now-downloading. Yes of course we are going to download some stuff because every trade needs its tools. So guys get this tool for the trade known as RUBotted provided by Trend Micro. It is still in beta version. You can get it from here. Now without further delay please get it installed. Good!

Prevent botnetsNow all you need is to start it and it will start checking your computer. If you’ll look at the settings option of this program then you’ll see that it monitors IRC Requests HTTP incoming connections SMTP outgoing connections and DNS query. These are the methods used by botnets to communicate and do their task. So now you can take a sigh of relief as you are now safe from being affected by botnets. So in short you can say that just stay with me and I’ll make your computing life a lot easier. Definitely stay connected.