Hi friends-what’s going on. It’s exam time for me but as I promise I am back to be with you just because I simply love it. Today’s topic is a bit different and we’ll talk about prototype development. Often we need to create prototypes for our projects and presentations. For an example you’re working on a Website Development Project and want to build a working prototype to act as a guideline for development phase. You may also use it to show the look and functionality of the Website to your client.

Here comes prototyping tools in action and we are just going to watch one . So the topic of our discussion is ForeUI and you can get this tool from this link to its official site. So before we start our real world action-just get it and be good enough to install it. So now when we have done this pre-action task let’s begin our exploration.

Prortotyping ToolsUpon launching this application you’ll realize that it’s fairly easy to use with functionality at your fingertips. Here you’ll see a nice drag and drop based user interface which simplifies the process a lot. You can implement a wide range of functions which are required to build a cool looking model like-login  and message boxes charts and date picker and various other tools to provide high level interactivity. I won’t go deeper in this issue because it’s your task to watch it and feel it.

You can also implement actions based on user input like firing an event when the user clicks or something else. That’s exactly what we see in websites. Once you’ve finished with the creation and development phase it’s time to deploy it and you have quite a few options for it. You can make a PDF file for your design or you can simply launch is as a presentation or directly in a browser. For a simple demonstration you can opt for Presentation option and for browser-based applications like a website you can choose to display it in a browser-the choice is yours.

So that’s the end of theory classes and for some practical exposure it’s all up to you-Get it and Do it and believe  me you won’t need an instructor.