Doesn’t matter who you are or what’s your profession-we all know what the hell a form is. With computers changing every aspect of our life we have seen a dramatic change in case of forms too. Now a days almost all forms are available online whether it’s for admission in a college or for filing your income tax return. The traditional approach is to download the form and fill it using a pen. Now we would do the same work in a different way. Break the rules and have fun beyond imaginations.

I have one more good news for you guys-no downloading this time. Ya really! Only visiting a site is enough because the operation we are going to do is totally online. So we’ll fill the form online as our title show. So I must stop beating about the bush and let’s come straight to the point and the first point is to visit this site.

Online Form Filling

When you enter this site you’ll be asked to upload your form that you want to fill. So just upload your form before we start filling it. Once you get it uploaded you will see the screen like this with all the tools loaded to fill it. Select the Type tool and click on the form area where you want to type something. In the screen-shot you can see that I have filled my Name and City in a form. You can also attach a Link or Comment in the form by using respective tools.

So this is all I have for you for today. Now please grant me your kind permission to leave but don’t worry as I’ll be back very soon with something brand new. So till then good bye and take care.