Since the release of the greatest blockbuster Hollywood movie Avtar  3D has become a hot topic among the folks. 3D gives additional depth to the objects so that they look extraordinary cool. So till now you people must have an idea that we are going to fetch some ideas about this astonishing technology. Ya guys! Be ready as we are going to mix up two great technologies-Internet and 3d.

Image search is an operation we perform almost daily. As far as I am concerned Google is my all time favorite as like most of the people but they produce the result in a very simple format. So why don’t we add some spice to this. I don’t know about cooking but still I would like to cook Google Image results in a much more delicious way.

In the last post I didn’t ask you to download something but here you won’t get that luxury and you’ll have to visit and get an add-on for Mozilla. Once you get it then just install it. It’s not a time taking process and after installation you’ll be asked to restart your browser window. So please do this before we proceed further.

Google Image Search in 3D

Once you restart the browser you will see a tab to search images. All you need to do is to enter a search term and wait for the results and when the results will be displayed you’ll be amazed. Don’t believe me then see the image. You can scroll the screen using your mouse to zoom it and use the slider at the bottom to feel like a 3D screen just like you see in Hollywood movies. So guys have a smile on your face and just say with me: Break the Rules and Enjoy.