Browsers are as old as the Internet itself is and a good amount of time has been passed since the release of  Mosaic to current Firefox4 or IE9. We have seen a lot of changes in Web Technologies and this clearly reflects on the browsers. Here we are going to look at the other aspect of Browsers and that is Information Revealing. Our browser leaks a lot of vital information and it may be crucial. So why not inspect what’s actually happening behind the scenes.

Wandering to and fro over Internet as I do often I got an interesting site which exactly do this. is what I am talking about. Among the tons of sites this site has a different theme altogether and its name clearly reflects this. I was amazed to see the quantity and quality of information shown to me by this site and I am sure you’ll also get the same feeling once you visit this site.

Information Leaked By BrowsersOn the left pane you will find a lot of categories you can check for. This ranges from simple Browser details to Geo-location and from OS detection to HTTP Headers. For you these information may seem useless but for a potential attacker they are the vital one. For example he may find himself comfortable to launch an attack if he is able to find the version of Flash Player or Adobe Reader you are using. Believe me or not but as a System enthusiast guy I can bet anytime that the information you value least are the most valuable one for the Black Hat guys.

So now friends change your mind-set a bit and give this site 10 minutes to change it further and if you have the slightest bit of idea about Information Security then you will find this one more important.