Piracy Piracy and Piracy-everywhere you’ll see Piracy whether it is regarding Music Videos Books Softwares and so on. What to talk about others even we guys write a full 4 page answer when asked about Intellectual Property Rights or Digital Rights Management in our exams and no sooner we come back to our room start downloading movies from torrents. So morale of the story is that Piracy is everywhere.

As I have earlier said that maintaining a blog or a website is not an easy task. The situation becomes frustrating when you write an article working hard for hours and someone copies it  without giving proper credit. I have written a post on this topic previously which you can check here. Here the topic of discussion is same but the solution is a bit different.

As we know that Copyrights is a widely used phenomenon in protecting illegal use of contents. Copyrights specify the owner of a particular intellectual assets. So here we are also going to obtain a Copyright over our Web Pages or blog and the best part of it is that it is absolutely free.

Take Copyright Over Your CreationsSo the party time is over and let’s get back to our job and without delay visit this site and the most of the task is completed. Just make an account here and once you log-in you will see a button stating PROTECT MY CREATION. Click on the button and you will get option to protect Web Page File or a Blog. Choose the desired one and it’s over. Now you’ll get an HTML code which you can insert into your Blog or Web Page to inform your visitors that your Blog is copyright protected. You can see that image on the bottom of my blog.

You will also get an email carrying the details of all the protected contents which you can save for further use. Now you can be relaxed as no one can claim your contents as his own. So enjoy!