I don’t think you need to be told about what the hell SSL is. We all know that SSL is a mechanism to provide secure data transmission over Internet. It is most useful in Sites dealing with financial transactions such as your online Banking Portal.  SSL was developed by Netscape in 1994 and since then it has become a major weapon for Internet Security.

If a site wants to use SSL then it must obtain a valid SSL certificate from authorities like VeriSign. Once you get that Certificate all you need to do is to implement it on your Website. This is a whole different process and today I am not going to discuss it. Today my concern is to get a free SSL certificate. After all we can implement a SSL certificate only if we have one. So let’s progress step by step and first obtain a certificate –FREE.

Free SSL Certificate for Your WebsiteSo ask your browser to switch to StartSSL.com and safely land there. There you need to sign up. So click on Sign-Up button and provide your details and they will send you a code to your email. Enter that code and continue. Once you are all done with this process it may take a few hours before they send you another email regarding your certificates. But usually it takes a few minutes. These are simple and straightforward steps which I needn’t mention in detail. Once you get your certificate there is a good deal of information on the site about implementing it. So use it.

So I hope that this was somewhat beneficial to you specially for Web Masters seeking enhanced security for their Website. So grab it use it and enjoy-Safe Computing Happy Computing.