DNS is an Internet service that translates Domain Names into IP addresses. I am sorry but don’t think that I am treating you like kids. I know you guys are intelligent enough to know this. But do you think that’s all a typical DNS is supposed to do? And if you are in any kind of doubt then let’s begin your Doubts Clearance Section.

So far you also know that your ISP also provide you a default DNS address but in some scenario you may like to switch to another DNS server which is better than your default DNS server. Here the main criteria may be Speed as I have shown you in my another article about DNS Switching. If you have missed it then you can get it here.

But as I gave you a hint in the starting that we are going to explore some additional functionality a DNS Server may offer. So be cool as within a few minutes you are going to explore a completely different aspect of DNS Servers.

OpenDNS A Fast and Reliable DNS ServerOpenDNS is a good alternate DNS Server you may choose. In fact it’s a De Facto in market and inspired even Google to launch its own DNS Server. Besides good speed it also provides additional security against Phishing Attacks and Incorrect URL Typing.Web Content Filtering with over 50 customizable filtering categories is another benefit you get here. So you can use it to block your kids from watching porn or offensive sites. There is a lot more to cheer about for System Administrators at their site. You can configure it for Routers Computers and Mobile Devices.

If it is sounding like a lot of work to you then it’s not so and within a few minutes you may be actively using this. But still if it is not enough to impress you then you can just change your DNS Server address to and to use OpenDNS. Now I think that it’s simple enough so you can do it easily. Don’t you think it’s a good service and the fact that it is free of cost is just like an additional toppings.