Rapidshare is one of the biggest repository of stuffs on Internet and there is hardly anything you can’t find out there. When I was in Second Year of  College around 2 years back I read that it hosts around 6,00,000 GB of data. Now you can estimate its current size. OK enough facts and figures. This is not our concern till we are able to fetch what we want from Rapidshare.

We are living in materialistic world where everything means only Money. Same is the case even here and if you a have enough money to have a Premium Account of Rapidshare then it’s good as you needn’t wait and can have parallel downloads too. But what if you have an empty wallet just like me.

I am a law-abiding man but when it comes to my profession I don’t bother about the rules and love to break them. I don’t like when some one challenges me regarding Computers as it’s my passion and profession. So I am not going to let the people sitting there behind Rapidshare Servers making a mock of me by keeping be waiting and waiting.

No waiting for RapidshareSo what’s this little guy is going to do now? Nothing but to fly to Mipony at get their download manager. This is an awesome utility which works with all the leading hosting sites like Mediafire Megaupload Hotfile and all which comes to your mind. So download this download manager and install it and it’s almost done. Now all you need is to start it and Add URL of the download links and start downloading. Now you can download as many files as needed without waiting as usual. So there is nothing left to say now except my favorite punch line-Break The Rules And Enjoy!