Downloading is a full-time job for various people. Is it really? Oh please get me in right sense as I am just trying to say that many people love to download a lot of stuff whether it is Movies TV Serials Softwares or whatever it is. So this article is about these guys but wait-The Story I am just going to tell is not as simple as you might have thought-There is a big twist.

What I was talking about-Twist. So what the hell is this twist and what the need of this twist when everything is going smoothly. Actually guys even I don’t like this twist but can’t help you much. And the twist is Internet Censorship. If you take example of my college they don’t allow us to access even Rapidshare. How cruel of luck? But don’t worry-Men made their luck at own and tonight we will do something exactly same. Do you think these people can mess with me. Time to show them some trailers.

Bypass All Censorship And Download Anything From Anywhere

As I have said in my earlier post that I don’t like to be challenged professionally and that’s why I got a way to beat them. This time I found another cool site which will do the trick. Basically it is a cloud file storage service where you can store your files which also let you download anything from any site. So just make an account here. It’s free. Now all you need is to Click on Fetch link at the top and paste the download link. Now give some time and your files will be on your account. As you can see I have downloaded two files from Rapidshare. Once you have these files in your account you can download them by just hovering your mouse to the file and you’ll see an option to download it.

So guys this is a must must visit for those who are suffering badly due to some cruel System Administrators who don’t let them wander freely over Internet. Break The Rules And Enjoy.