Torrent is not a word we are new to hear. Actually they have just become a part and parcel of our life. So I think that it would be nice enough to talk about torrents this time. Rest assured I am not going to waste your time discussing usual things which even the newbies are aware of. Let’s be something different-Now it sounds good.

So what’s going to be different-any guess? If no idea then let me explain guys. So far we have downloaded torrents but here we will try our hands in creating a torrent. Ya! We are just going to create a torrent from any file existing over Internet. So don’t waste time and let’s start the process.

Burn A torrent of any file easilySo just go to burnbit homepage and paste the URL of the file you want to create a torrent for. And within a few seconds you get a torrent ready which you can download or send to your friends. You can also generate a button which you can attach to your website or blog to enable your viewers to download that file.

Here you also get an option to make a free account which can help you a lot in managing all your burnt torrents. This is specially useful when you have a big file to be burnt. On the completion of burning process you get an informing email.

This was a small trick about burning a torrent easily and to feel it more closely just visit the site and enjoy