So the first phase of my exams is over and now I can relax a bit.  So won’t it be good if we spend some quality time here and this time I am with a real stunner. Believe me or not but within the next 15 minutes you’ll be asking yourself- Really! Is it possible? And you know guys that the answer would be YES because transforming every NO to YES is what technology is.

Why to waste time and my precious words-let’s come to the point. So just switch to CamSpace site and download the free utility they provide and one more point -Don’t forget to say thanks to them. Also give some time surfing through their site to get a brief overview about this application.

A New Way To Use Your Webcam

So far you would have wondering that I haven’t told what this damn application is going to do. So for any query just look at the picture and read it out. Confused? My friends this is so simple-you can use any object as your game controller-anything substantial and colorful-Even a bottle. All you need is this awesome utility and a WebCam. Thrilling!! Using a bottle as a mouse. But that’s exactly what I said earlier regarding technology. So don’t waste time and install this application and investigate it.

I was so excited about this that as soon as I heard about it I was forced to share it with you people. It may be a bit typical to use initially but once the things are settled properly it will be an exciting experience. In case you face any sort of problem you know whom to call—you know I know..