Laptops are no more a luxury item but they have become a necessity and for the guys like me who are directly associated with  Computer Engineering field they are like our bread and butter. So how do you feel if someone takes away your piece of bread from you. You won’t like it definitely and that’s why we are here to tell you something about how to protect your bread- Oh sorry! Laptop.

So just visit prey project site and download their application. This application is available for Windows Mac and Linux platforms so it doesn’t matter what platform you use. Now all you need is to install it and during installation process you’ll make a new account. So give your details and your account will be created and after activation you can log in to your account and check information regarding your laptop.

Track Your Laptop For Better Security The free plan allows you to register maximum 3 devices and there is also premium plans ranging from 5$ to 399$ per month but for the personal use this free plan is enough for us. So just install this application and register an account and now your laptop is under monitoring. So congrats as your bread is now secure. Enjoy!