I don’t think that there is even a single  man in this world who doesn’t love music although different people may have different tastes. So when Shahrukh Khan says in Mohabbatein that Music Is Such A Wonderful Thing-he is absolutely right. From classical to rock every kind of music is appreciable and a real pleasure to listen.

So you may be a fan of Shakira Britney Madona Enrique Michael Jackson and so on. No doubt they are the legends and it’s a joy to listen their music and songs. Everyone wants to be like them but it’s not as easy. It takes a lot of talent and hard work before you can create something worthy. But I can tell you a shortcut to create some lovely tunes easily. I am not saying that I can make you Michael Jackson but ya you can compose some nice tracks within minutes. So let’s begin our exploration of creativity.

Create Melodious Tracks Easily Using Microsoft Songsmith

Microsoft Songsmith is  the tool which would do the task for us. So first of all get it. It’s trial version can be downloaded from here. This is 6 hour trial version means you can use this application for 6 hours but you can easily get a full version from torrent sites. I am not posting the links otherwise I’ll be accused of encouraging piracy but you guys are smart enough to find it. So once you install it you are most welcome in the world of music and creativity.

Using this application is really easy with its wizard like interface where you select the type and tempo of your track and then just start singing. Your laptop’s microphone is your sound recorder and this cool tool is your band and you-of course are Enrique. So just keep it going and test drive this superb application and be a rock star.