Cryptography is an ancient art and the techniques used for encryption have become far better now. At the same time security concerns and threats have also raised rapidly and it’s a major issue when it comes to online data transmission. If an intruder can sniff your data during transmission then it may cause serious problems regarding security and confidentiality of data. So we use encryption techniques to encrypt our data.

Although we are aware of security threats and encryption techniques but we hardly use them due to reluctance or lack of desired skills. But here I will tell you a smart way to encrypt your data on a fly and without much efforts. You can use this for various purposes like encoding e-mail addresses or any kind of message.

Encrypt all your data online for secure online transmissionSo just visit homepage and you’ll be glad to see the number of options you get here. The main features are- Encoding JavaScript to protect it from copying Encoding URL and E-Mail addresses Hash Generation and Encrypting/Decrypting online messages. This vast range of options make sure that all your needs regarding encryption and security are satisfied. So next time you need a quick encryption you can use it.