I am a Flash developer and at the same time has great passion towards security related issues. So I decided to mix both these interests and produced a cocktail-Flash security. So my friends if you know what the hell Flash is then you must know what the hell a swf file is. Ya it’s the simple flash movie which contains your design and code.

Now if you have even a little bit of interest in Web Security issues then I don’t think that I need to say that flash and other applications that run on your browser are one of the weakest point from security point of view. Flash buffer overflow and zero day attacks have been exploited by hackers in past. Even today Adobe continuously releases patches for Flash to enhance security. So from a developer’s point of view you can’t do much in these issues but still you can surely make a great effort in making your flash movies secure.

Code is the cause of all the construction and destruction and here we’ll analyze our code. Actionscript is the scripting language of flash and it is responsible for most of the Flash functionality. So first of all download a free tool HP SwfScan from here. You’ll have to register here before you can proceed to download. So do as they say.

Find Flash Vulnerability with HP Swfscan

Once you installed it all you need to do is to upload a swf file you have created just like I have done. Now click on the Get button and it will show you the code you’ve written for your movie. So you can say that it has decompiled the movie. Now just click on the Analyze button to start analyzing your decompiled code. If your code contains any security flaws it will inform you and it’s done.

So now when we have completed another milestone successfully do remember my words guys that Security and Optimization are the two terms you’ll have to face in any field of Computers whether it is Software Web Networking Database or Designing. So get ready for it as a long journey is ahead of yours.