In my last article about virtualization we discussed how to create your own portable applications and today we’ll continue this topic. Virtualization and Software As A Service(SAaS) are the two emerging terms in the field of Computing. So be ready to move further from the previous milestone.

So you guys have worked with Cameyo in that article to create portable applications and now we’ll work with Spoon Studio. This application is not a freeware unlike Cameyo but still it would be a good experience to evaluate  it to feel the edge of virtualization. So get it from here. Install it and launch it.

Application Virtualization

Here you see 3 options- if you select the first option then you can get a portable version of some custom-built in applications like 7-zip or Adobe Reader. Second option is used to create your own portable applications and the process is quite same as we did in the case of Cameyo. We take screenshot before and after installing the application and a portable version is ready. The third option let the developers virtualize their creations.

So guys it won’t be possible to feel the edge of virtualization unless you dive into the topic. So I would recommend to read both the articles I have posted and do as I have instructed in these articles and you’ll see what virtualization can do for you.